With her new visual identity, the 40 immediately stands out. While faithful to the image of Lagoon "DNA", a new style is born: an individual, streamlined and accomplished design depicts her large portholes and panoramic view. This creates a refined and high-performance unit, emphasised by the chamfer running from the bow to the stern. A new generation Lagoon, recognisable at first sight. 

Exterior: Space and comfort


New generation rigging: performance and simplicity

A symbol of the new generation Lagoons, the 40 is endowed with advanced performance features: a VPLP hull structure and an increased sail area provide a better sail surface area / displacement ratio. The decision to position the mast step further aft, which stems directly from VPLP's experience in competitive sailing, provides this catamaran with multiple advantages:A self-tacking jib for simplified manoeuvres.
- A large forward triangle for a wider choice of downwind sails: a guarantee of performance.
- A shorter boom for ease of manoeuvring.
- A main sail, with a high aspect ratio, enabling the capture of better airflow in the upper parts of the sail for optimised performance.
- The re-centring of weight, thanks to aft positioning of rigging, considerably reduces pitching..

Interior: elegance and luminosity

- A selection of luxurious materials, by Nauta Design, enhances the new interior lines.
- A wide choice of accommodation layouts to meet the needs of owners and large families: available in three or four cabins.
- A new aft cabin, fitted with a « semi Island bed » berth and multiple storage space.
- Large hull window glazing with integrated portholes in the cabin provide exceptional natural light and an outstanding view.
 Particular attention given to volume layout, smooth flow of circulation and luminosity makes this new interior a truly pleasant living area. 

Length over all: 11,74 m / 38'6''
Beam: 6,76 m / 22'2''
Draft: 1,35 m / 4'5''
Mast clearance: 18,42 m / 60'5''
Light displacement (EEC): 11 t
Sail area: 81,3 m² / 875 sq.ft
Square top mainsail: 47,5 m² / 511 sq.ft
Self tacking jib: 33,8 m² / 364 sq.ft
Code 0 (opt.): 65,6 m² / 706 sq.ft
Engine (std): 2 x 29 CV / 2 x 29 HP
Fuel capacity: 2 x 200 l / 2 x 56 US gal
Fresh water capacity: 300 l / 76 US gal
No. Of berths: 6 to 12
EC certification: A :10 ; B :12; C : 16; D: 20